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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Responsibilities of Private Security Guard?

1) they provide protection and safety to those wishing to enter the field passing sensitive door , the person at the top of the detector search , X- ray equipment or similar goods passing of the safety systems .

2) meetings, concerts, sporting competitions , stage shows and similar events with the funeral and wedding ceremonies and ask for identification , sensitive gate pass , their top of the detector search, article X -ray device or a similar security system in the killing .

3) of the Criminal Procedure Code 90 ' according to Article capture.

4) Position in the field of law relating to the arrest or conviction of catching people search .

5) fire and rescue in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes , if desired task field enter the workplace and housing .

6) Weather square, port, railway station , the station and the terminal as public transport facilities and ask for identification , sensitive gate pass , their top of the detector search, article X -ray device or a similar security system in the killing .

7) General condition promptly report to law enforcement , criminal or evidence during searches that might constitute a criminal offense or that may endanger Although we do not receive goods in escrow .

8) in terms of the person's body or health is in danger in order to protect an existing capture.

9) the crime scene and evidence preservation, according to the Criminal Procedure Code to capture this purpose .

10) to Article 981 of the Turkish Civil Code , Article 52 of the Code of Obligations , the Turkish Penal Code, in accordance with Articles 24 and 25 of the use of force .


Private Security Patrol Officers carried out by how many people can or point guard?

Provided protection and security to the point where private security guard patrols or by one person to fulfill the duties of the 5188 Law on Private Security Services and the Implementation Regulation does not constitute a violation. However, protection and security and be more healthy response to an incident or point guard patrol officer holding at least two people in order to ensure the safety of life and is considered to be more appropriate to conduct services.

Private Security Officer can carry long-barreled weapons?

Nature of the work requires the possession and carrying of long guns if the governors on this issue by taking the opinion of the General Staff, the nature and number of long-barreled guns are designated by the Commission.

Private Security Guard Security & Protection Service Executable There is another outside?

Law No. 5188 "Running Out ??of Duty Ban" in article 16, entitled "Private security personnel guarding and security services other than specified in the law can not run a job" is called. To the contrary moving company's name and address and has served as the location of the relevant provincial office of the Governor or the Ministry to be notified in writing if the law Article 20 of the € subparagraph "a private security guard protection and security services other than in a job that is running the persons, institutions and organizations all actions for thousands of Turkish Lira, "under the provisions of criminal procedure may be applied.

Private Security Officer Salaries and Employee Rights and Related complaints have been reported where?

Private security officers salaries and employee rights 4857 under the Law on mutual akitl determined because these complaints Labour and Social Security Ministry, the Ministry-affiliated Regional Offices or Labor and Social Security Communication Center "ALO 170" by calling your questions, suggestions, criticism, denunciation, effective complaints and appeals and requests quickly can convey to resolve.

Private Security Officers "Private Security" Vest Written Phrases When they wear?

Private security guards, night duties, sports competitions, concerts and stage shows on the uniform, which reflects the light behind the "private security" shall be written wear vests.

Private Security Permit

by armed personnel protection of persons , organizations and institutions to establish special security unit within the security services or the hand of companies on the decision of the special security committee is subject to approval by the governor . Meetings, concerts , stage shows and similar activities , such as money or valuables transplant temporary or urgent cases , the commission's decision , without any special security permission can be given by the governor .

People and organizations upon request , defense and security needs , taking into account security service personnel to be employed by the hand to ensure , institutions and organizations within the private security units to the establishment or the security of the service companies gördürül is permitted . Special security unit within an organization to be established when needed is also not preclude gördürül security services to companies .

Commission will fulfill the protection and security service personnel , possession of weapons and equipment that may or maximum amount that can be moved and nature , where necessary, other physical and instrumental is authorized to set up security measures . In places such as airports and ports of international obligations regarding safety measures to be reserved.

(Amended ) except temporary special security application , provided that at least one month before the commission's decision is referenced and can be terminated with the approval of the governor .


Obtaining Permits for private security operations are to be done?

5188 The security services in accordance with the law agencies or organizations who want to get "Special Provincial Security Committee" issued by "the Special Security Permit" must take.